Naturalism is a late 19th- and early 20th-century movement that was inspired by adaptation of the principles and methods of natural science, especially the Darwinian view of nature, to literature and art. We aim to share our knowledge of sketching, drawing, and painting the flora and fauna of our 21st century world through online instruction, by teaching classical art techniques with a modern expression. Honor your personal connection to Nature through careful observation and depiction of natural science subjects and habitats in a contemporary style.


Signing up for our courses is simple and each step is explained in detail. To learn more about our school, please visit The Contemporary Naturalism Guild of Art School at this link.

Our Classes


Hone your current skills or learn the basics of a new technique or medium.

Our mini-courses focus on specific classical techniques and skills taught in shorter sessions. Learn the basics of techniques in accessible courses such as basic dry brush watercolor application or learn new skills such as how to begin with silverpoint.

We promise to make learning new creative skills and techniques fun!

To view our current & upcoming mini courses, please visit The Contemporary Naturalism Guild of Art Mini Courses at this link.


Our workshops offer the opportunity to study more in-depth; to learn a new medium, study a specific subject or learn a foundational skill.

Our workshops will be combinations of live and pre-recorded sessions. All recorded segments will be broken down into smaller, workable lessons which will allow you to progress at your own pace. 

To view our upcoming workshops, please visit The Contemporary Naturalism Guild of Art Workshops at this link.

Mentorship Program

Our online mentorship program allows you to study independently with the artist of your choice.

Are you just beginning your artistic journey, or are you looking for new inspiration in your creative practice? Would you like to learn how to paint in egg tempera or establish a regular sketchbook habit?

For a personally-tailored experience, choose by subject such as birds, fungi, wildflowers or by medium such as watercolor, dry brush watercolor, egg tempera, gouache or any combination you wish.

You can book a single session for a critique, to brush-up on a technique, or review your individual progress or create a personalized schedule to study more in-depth.

To learn more about our upcoming mentorship program, please visit The Contemporary Naturalism Guild of Art Mentorship Program at this link.

Art & Conversation

Live Zoom classes featuring lectures, demonstrations and lively conversations about depicting contemporary natural history subjects with classical mediums and techniques, with a modern approach.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea (or whatever you enjoy!) and settle comfortably in your own home to joins us online to learn about classical techniques to depict flora and fauna with a modern, contemporary expression.

To view our upcoming sessions, please visit The Contemporary Naturalism Guild of Art Academy at this link.